the birds, found tent material, neon light, 18" x 16" (2017)


sang, flashe on wood, neon lights, 20" x 16" (2017)


harmoniousy, tyvek on panel, neon lights, 51" x 48" (2018)


It was the, paint cans on panel, neon light, 24" x 16" (2018)


feast of the Pentecost!, 60" x 30", sheetrock, joint compound, neon lights (2017)


The lion,, 30" x 30", flashe on panel, neon lights, transformer (2017)

noble king of all Beasts, 40" x 30", flashe, oil stick on tire treads, neon light (2017)


wished to hold, 24" x 24", flashe on wood and cardboard, neon lights (2017)


open court over, flashe on wood and aluminum duct, found objects, neon lights, 48" x 48" (2017)


the days of the feast, 51" x 48", flashe on aluminum duct on panel, neon lights (2017)


Going Green, fake fur, flourescent lights on panel, 32" x 15", motion detector switch (2009)


Stripes, oil on canvas, fluorescent light, 51" x 48" (2009)


Cables, oil on canvas and wood, electric cables, fluorescent light, 32.5" x 32.5" (2009)


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Patrick J. Donovan
The titles of the first ten works on this page were taken from the fist paragraph of Reynard the Fox, translated by James Simpson













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